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Coffee farming is mostly manual, exposed to the hardships of weather and grueling physical activity. Except for the technical staff, labor in the coffee plantations have very little education and formal skills. In the XXI Century, is unacceptable for any farm, to prolong such dire working and quality-of-life conditions.

Since the inception of the Auromar coffee farm, we have made concrete commitments to improve every aspect of the working and living conditions of our collaborators.

Auromar is a child labor free enterprise.
We understand that keeping children off the plantation
is not enough. We provide, out of school activities not only for the young. For the seniors, that are integral part of the nuclear families of our workers and harvesters, we provide adult education plans.

Besides good housing facilities, we provide free transportation to school and for the regular health checkup visits children and seniors must make to the regional health center.

Another major challenge is to preserve and improve 
the environment; not only the ecology of the farm. An essential part of our farming plans is to continuously restore  and replant native species of the high land tropical forest we have the privilege of owning and preserve.

Our scope is not limited to the boundaries of our farm.
We actively contribute to the improvement of our surrounding communities. This goes from financial contributions to improve roads and water systems, to back efforts to protect wild life and forest in our neighboring national park.



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